Episode 7: Health Economics – Covid-19 in international comparison with Dr. Markus Kraus, Dr. Monika Riedel, Mag. Miriam Reiss [English]

In this episode, we host three researchers from the research group for Health Economics and Health Policy at the Institute for Advanced Studies Vienna, IHS, Dr. Markus Kraus, Dr.in Monika Riedel, and Mag.a Miriam Reiss. Their research interests mainly lie in health economics and policy with a special focus on care and long-term care, as well as comparative analyses of healthcare systems. They are among others involved in international, EU-funded projects and cross-country collaborations.

Note: All publications connected to the mentioned PERISCOPE project can be found here: https://periscopeproject.eu/start

You can find more information about our guests here:

Dr. Markus Kraus

Dr. Monika Riedl

Mag. Miriam Reiss

Episode 6: Health Economics – (Long) COVID-19 in Austrian primary care with Prof. Dr. Kathryn Hoffmann [English]

In this episode Prof. Dr. Kathryn Hoffmann, Professor for Primary Care at the Medical University of Vienna, gives an extensive insight into the learnings from acute Covid-19 and the current situation and challenges regarding Long Covid from a primary care perspective, as well as her current research. Professor Hoffmann not only works as a researcher at the Medical University of Vienna and the National Health Institute (Gesundheit Österreich GmbH) but also as a clinician in a general practice.

Note: At the time of the recording of this episode, Professor Hoffmann still worked as an Associate Professor, however, in the meantime she was appointed Professor for Primary Care Medicine and heads the eponymous department. Moreover, as she rightfully pointed out, also in the UK the GP is the first point of contact to patients with the exception of hospitalized Covid-19 patients who can go directly to a Long Covid specialist department.

Lastly, the updated version of the long Covid-19 guideline mentioned in the interview was published on August 9th, 2023 and is available here: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s00508-023-02242-z

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